Below are videos that present topics for any searching for truth the Bible may answer. Just as Bereans examined the Scriptures daily to see whether what they heard were consistent with the scriptures (Acts 17:10-11), you too are encouraged to consider the message of these videos and verify they teach what is true by your study of the Bible. If you have any Bible questions after viewing these videos, please submit them on our Questions form.

What Happens When We Die?

Will it matter what you believed of how you lived your life?


Searching For The Truth About The Creator

As we observe the universe, we can conclude that these things could not be an accident. They are the product of a Creator. But what is He like?

 The Truth About Authority In Religion

In today’s religious world, who or what is the final authority in religious matters? And where can we go to find the answers?


The Truth About The Church

The word “church” is used well over one hundred times in the New Testament. Does Jesus have a church to which we must belong in order to be saved?


The Truth About The House Of God

Most people in the world live in some kind of house or dwelling. But have you ever wondered whether or not God owns a house?


The Truth About Baptism

Have you ever wondered whether you need to be baptized? Some believe that baptism is necessary for salvation, while others do not. What is the truth about baptism?