About Us

Letting The Bible Speak LogoWe are people interested in helping you look to the Bible to seek answers to important questions of life. We know God’s will is for all people to learn from the words He placed in the Bible so we are striving to diligently seek God and His will for us.

We want to be sure we look to the source of God’s wisdom, the Bible, and not our own knowledge when seeking or speaking on spiritual matters. Our approach is to be discerning in our pursuit of wisdom and show care in helping others look for truth in the same way.

Our Bible Studies

Let’s study the Bible together. Not only do we work in the program to know and share the scripture but in our lives we’re committed to accomplishing God’s will that His word is known by any who will listen.
Contact us if you would like to have a personal study or join in various group studies that are available.

Meetups: Visit the meetup site to find more information and locations:

On the Lord’s day, we assemble for Bible study and worship in Inver Grove Heights, MN where you may join us. Visit www.invergrovechurch.com to learn more about the Christians who meet there.